Perception of Quality Attributes in Short Agri-food Chains

Andréa Scalco, Gilberto Ganga, Sandra Oliveira, Roberta Piao, Machado Pigatto & João Guilherme Gessuir (2021)

International Journal on Food System Dynamics, 12(2), pp. 108-124.

Abstract. This paper aims to identify quality attributes in products from short agri-food chains, highlighting the perception of these attributes in three types of short chains (face-to-face, spatial proximity, and spatially extended). We conducted a survey with 904 consumers in six distribution channels. The results indicate that the perception of quality attributes for consumers in short agri-food chains is not homogeneous. The results also shed light on the mechanisms adopted for transmitting information from producer to consumer in spatially extended short chains, restricted to the use of seals or brands.

Extract: “The quality turn underscores a shift in the quality concept of the industrial world emphasizing trust, tradition, custom, history, and ecological practices instead of standardization of products and processes (Murdoch and Mielle, 1999; Murdoch, 2000). This modern concept for product quality can be explained by the convention theory, which explains the behavior of consumers in the process of purchasing agri-food products. The convention theory addresses sociological aspects in the assessment processes of consumer product quality (Migliore et. al, 2015).” (p. 111)

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