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Health, Conventions, and Society

Philippe Batifoulier (2022)

In Rainer Diaz-Bone & Guillemette de Larquier (eds.), Handbook of economics and sociology of conventions. Cham: Springer, Online first

Abstract. This chapter introduces the approach of economics and sociology of conventions (EC/SC) in the field of healthcare. Health sector is an ideal topic for EC/SC because healthcare and health policy are strongly normative issues. EC/SC approach in healthcare highlights the omnipresence of values in the field of healthcare in order to account for the particular nature of health, an essential piece of individual and collective well-being. This chapter sketches main positions of EC as opposed to the mainstream economic approach. It provides a theoretical elaboration of an analysis of the coordination between a physician and a patient, opening up to an original analysis of professional ethics, quality of care or health democracy. In order to understand neoliberal health policy with the tools of EC, this chapter focuses also on the valorization/devalorization processes that is a key to understand healthcare reforms convention. Finally, this chapter shows how EC approach can illuminate the debate of a health-based capitalism.

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