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Quality and Value Appropriation by Colombian Coffee Producers: Starting to Fill the Gap from a Gender Perspective

Quiñones-Ruiz, Xiomara F./Giraldo-Liévano, Tatiana (2022)

In: Manuela Larcher & Erwin Schmid (Hrsg.), Alpine Landgesellschaften zwischen Urbanisierung und Globalisierung. Wiesbaden: Springer VS, S. 173–192. Open access.

Abstract. Gender – considered as an intersectional analysis unit – can bring further insights into global value chains from production and processing to retailing and final consumption. This article provides insights on gender-specific constructs from an intersectional research perspective to enrich the understanding of quality attributes and conventions along the global coffee value chain. The exploration uncovers the roles and positions as well as value appropriation of female and male Colombian producers – in particular rural female producers – as they enter the specialty coffee niche characterized by distinctive cup quality (taste of coffee). Recognizing and valuing the contribution of women in all social and economic fields is a fundamental right under the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 5 to combat all forms of discrimination and enhance self-determination of women and girls as well as gender equality.”

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