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Economic Peace as a Counterpoint to the Warfare Economy: Rethinking Individual and Collective Responsibility

Fiona Ottaviani & Dominique Steiler (2022):

Journal of Business Ethics 177. Online first

Abstract. The idea of economic peace is a “counterpoint” to a warlike view of the economy. Viewing things in terms of economic peace makes it possible to develop a different economic anthropology. The idea of economic peace is used to think about a fundamental revision of the relationships to self and between actors. It sits at the intersection of peace studies, social and cognitive psychology, institutional conventionalist approaches, postmodernist philosophy and sinology. By employing the inchoate concept of economic peace, this article explores the opportunity to extend and deepen the relationship between individual and collective responsibility. The article describes individual and collective practices or avenues which could be useful when reacting to complex situations.

Extract: “The political analysis of rationalisation draws on works from the field of institutionalism, particularly the economics of conventions. The economy of conventions was first defined in comparison with neoclassical theory (Revue économique 1989) but was then renewed to lay the foundations of an economic theory in its own right (Eymard-Duvernay 2002). Despite these changes, the central question of the economics of conventions has remained the same: How is the coordination of actors explained while maintaining their freedom of action on institutions? This focus leads directly to questions about existing coordination and relationships: Are they peaceful? Or divisive?” (p. 22)

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