Bringing context back into privacy regulation and beyond About limitation on purpose as an (old) response to (new) data challenges

Karoline Krenn (2019)

Economic Sociology – European Electronic Newsletter, 21(1), pp. 43-53.

Excerpt. “Calculative practices must drop information to make cases comparable and to fit them into categories. Here de-contextualizing means ignoring unique or relational characteristics. At the same time, the categories become essentialized. It is overlooked that classifications are dependent on the blurring of heterogeneity and on the enforcing of differences (Boltanski and Thévenot 1983, Zeruvabel 1991, 1996, Bowker and Star 2000), and that they make invisible the interventional character of measurement they depend on (Thévenot 1984, 2009, Porter 1995, Diaz-Bone and Didier 2016).”

p. 48

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