Sociologia pragmática e pragmatism

Pragmatic Sociology and Pragmatism

Diogo Silva Corrêa & Rodrigo Cantu (eds.)(2021)

Sociedade e Estado, 36(2). Open access


  • Corrêa, Diogo Silva; Cantu, Rodrigo: Apresentação: dossiê “Sociologia pragmática e pragmatismo” Dossiê: Sociologia pragmática e pragmatismo
  • Corrêa, Diogo Silva; Talone, Vittorio da Gamma: An outline of a pragmatist theory on reflexivity: exploring the pathways of the concept through social theory
  • Sales, Samantha; Cantu, Rodrigo; Committed capitalism
  • Cefaï, Daniel: Social institutions: a dialogue between sociology Chicago and pragmatist philosophy
  • Resende, José Manuel; Carvalho, José Maria: Flowing in dwelling and dwelling in flowing: tracking the creative experience of an abstract painter resident of Pisão
  • Andion, Carolina; Magalhães, Thiago: (Re)approaching the pragmatisms of public policy analysis. Experimentation and public inquiry in a scenario of democratic crises
  • Bidet, Alexandra; Sarnowski, Solène: “You can always think further, find something better” Collapsing moments and day-to-day activism in the face of the ecological disaster
  • Porto, Camille; Werneck, Alexandre: The value of an existence: a pragmatic analysis of valuations of human life in situations related to money
  • Tomei, Francesco; Louro, Pedro Grunewald; Hey, Ana Paula: The rises of the economy of enrichment and of the extreme right: an interview with Luc Boltanski and Arnaud Esquerre


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