Design Thinking and the New Spirit of Capitalism. Sociological Reflections on Innovation Culture.

Seitz, Tim (2020)

Cham: Springer Nature

“Chapter 4 “Design Thinking and the New Spirit of Capitalism”

In this chapter, the practices and promises of design thinking are discussed in the light of Boltanski/Chiapello’s “new spirit of capitalism.” I show how specific forms of criticism directed at a loss of authenticity and autonomy resonate in the self-descriptions and practices of design thinking. Consequently, the success and popularity of design thinking becomes understandable through its affinity to contemporary ideologies instead of an assumed conceptual superiority.”

Translation of Seitz, Tim (2017): Design Thinking und der neue Geist des Kapitalismus. Soziologische Betrachtungen einer Innovationskultur.

Bielefeld: Transcript.